The Campaign has gathered many high-profile supporters, some of whom are listed below. Many more will be added as they join.

Lord Douglas of Ramsbottom

Lord Douglas is a respected Conservative Peer who wields huge influence within the party. As minister of state for light bulbs during the 1973 light bulb crisis, he played a key role in negotiations with the National Union of Light Bulb Workers, which resulted in a restructuring of the industry by closing most of its factories and an end to industrial action by the end of the following year. Without Lord Douglas, said one commentator, the British light bulb industry would be in a very different shape today.

Earl Ramsbottom of Douglas

Earl Ramsbottom was for many years the Isle of Man’s foremost Earl – indeed, many said, he was the island’s only Earl. A man of unique talent, he has a particular interest in ornithology. Following an unfortunate incident near a girls’ school in the 1980s he now lives in Kent.

Brenda Shuttleworth

A former Central Office strategist and economist for Enron, Brenda has an enviable political pedigree. She is a veteran of several leadership campaigns – including those of Sir Anthony Meyer, John Redwood, Michael Portillo and Michael Ancram – and once beat John Major at chess.

Professor Gregory T Mullet

Gregory is a leading historian of the Conservative party and was an adviser to Iain Duncan Smith. He completed a 48-page biography of the former leader last year, which has sold over a dozen copies.

Archbishop Rowan Atkinson

The current Archbishop of Canterbury and former Mr Bean and Blackadder star is an old school friend of Boris, and was only too happy to support his campaign. In a recent telephone conversation he advised Boris to pray, put underpants on his head and say “flibble”.


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