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Ok, time to be serious for a moment. By now you must surely have guessed that this is all a spoof and has absolutely nothing to do with Boris Johnson. But – we are serious about the benefits of Boris. In British politics more Boris means more amusement. So, give us a little bit of money and we’ll do something funny with it…

  • £5 could pay for a Google advertising campaign
  • £10 could pay for cards to be put in phone boxes
  • £25 could pay for a man in an ape suit to stand outside Parliament holding a Boris placard for a day
  • £50 could pay for a mailshot to MPs
  • £100 could pay for flyers to be handed out on London’s busiest streets
  • £200 could pay for a pro-Boris march through the capital
  • £3,500 could pay for a stonking great billboard ad in Newcastle

There is no limit to our imagination or the number of daft publicity stunts we’re willing to put on – if we get the money, we’ll do it. And we’ve got a lot of ideas: far more than we’ll list here for the tabloids to nick.

So please, for the sake of the nation’s patience with democracy, give us some money to help us make it fun!

*   *   *   *

If you can’t afford a donation, or if you’re not trusting enough, we’d love your help in some other way. The first thing to do is tell everyone you know about this website and the campaign. Blog it, email it to your friends and colleagues, post it on message boards you visit… anything, so long as it’s not spam and it’s not illegal.

If you’ve got a website of some kind, please link to us. Let us know if you do and we’ll link back from our supporters page.

And if you’re willing to do a publicity stunt of some kind – or if you’ve got ideas for us to use – please get in touch.

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