About The Campaign

With a permanent staff of 14 and dozens of part-time volunteers, the Campaign for the Advancement of Boris Johnson was already one of the biggest political operations Britain had ever seen outside of an election. Now that the race to become the next Mayor of London is underway, the Campaign has stepped up a gear and eclipses all previous Conservative attempts.
Based at two top-secret locations, close to 150 volunteers are working round the clock to promote the benefits of Boris Johnson. In the London operation, staff field calls from the world’s media and arrange high-level meetings to corral support for Boris.

Meanwhile, in the Campaign’s Bengal offices, trained telephone operators are calling wavering Conservative MPs night and day until they give in and pledge their support for the cause.

In the coming weeks as the support of the Parliamentary party becomes clear, their focus will switch to Conservative members and the general public. You could soon be one of tens of thousands of people to be picked specially at random to join the Campaign.

At the same time the London operation – together with former SAS officers and animal rights activists – will commence Phase II of the strategy that it believes will convince the public and the Conservative Party to back Boris. Watch this space…


  1. Margaret Sinden

    I back Boris. I was appalled at the way he was betrayed by those who owed their seat to him in the last General Election. He is the only candidate with the charisma to win over the electorate.

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